To Jay and Ed for finishing 1st and 2nd in the NSCA points championship. 

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The last race of the season.  A Ford show, our favorite kind of show.  As
always a great time.  Good food, good friends, good weather, no pressure
crowd pleasing passes......  It doesn't get much better.  A wonderful way
to end a wonderful season.



"Fast" Fred Henderson has come out in his long awaited clone of his '64 Thunderbolt SHAZAM.
What better time for his debut that the NSCA world finals.  In typical Fred style no half passes
 here, he recorded a
10.19 @ 132 on the first pass.  There are still a few bugs to work out, but
no doubt there are some 9's looming in the near future.  For those to young to remember

came from the superhero Captain Thunder.




What a way to go.  We took 1st and 2nd.  Unfortunately this was the last year of the NSCA.
After all these years we got serious and took 2nd in 2006.  Then the top 2 in 2007.  We had
a good momentum but now it's time to say goodbye.  We will miss Tony and his crew. We
hope to cross paths with all our racing friends at various events in the future.



JAY ZOLKO finishes as the 2007 NSCA points champion.  ED YOUMANS brings home second.
Without official points postings it was hard to tell exactly where everyone was.  The rumor
was that Jay had to do little more than show up to assure the title.  Ed on the other hand
had some tight competition to get through.


A banner finish for the season but a little less than stellar day at the track.  The competition
was fierce. 
A 36 car field with 32 qualified within .02 seconds!  Quite a feat for us Nostalgia
Super Stockers in our 60's museum pieces.
 Round one went well, the only loss was Fast Fred
as he succumbed to a case of the new car blues.  A break out against Leo Sekulski ended his
day.  Ed got his pay back for race 5 by putting John Dimino Jr. on the trailer.  This also eliminated
John as one of his second place competitors.  Frank Pellegrini was having major ignition trouble.
With lady luck on his side he was still able to capture the win.  Jay of course cruised on to round
2 with ease.
 Now were feelin' good, Jay has #1 in the bag and half of Ed's problems were out.
Should have known it was too good to be true,
time for the round 2 SNAFU.  Ed, Fred and Leo
go red while Jay in a tight finish breaks out.
 Pack up the trailer and drive home, not quite how
 the #1 NSS team wanted to end the day.  Now the pressure is off we can relax and have some
ol' fashion gear jammin' fun at the last 2 races.


(after race 5)

"Jammin'" JAY ZOLKO still has a strangle hold on the points lead in NSCA Nostalgia Super Stock. 
"Fast" ED YOUMANS  holds second in a tight 2nd thru 4th battle.  With a few more drivers in
the top 10 the
422 MOTORSPORTS team is having a banner year.

  The drivers will need to keep on their toes at the upcoming NSCA World finals in September. 
The point spread is very narrow from 2nd thru 10th.  The competition will be fighting for
every last point they can muster, as well as the increased
$2,500 purse

Mark September 22-23 on the calendar.
@National Trail Raceway
With competition this close, this is a must see event. 



Payback time!  Race 2 at Atco pitted Jay Zolko against '06 champion Stephanie Dimino in the final.
  Jay was a bit over zealous and handed her the race via a red light.  After sorting out a qualifying
 snafu lady luck put them together in the first round, this time
Jay put her on the trailer. 
Stephanie's brother John upheld the family honor by taking out Ed Youmans, once again"Fast Ed"
 was a little to fast on the line and got the red eye.

Round 2 Jay met the always consistent Keith Wynn. Despite the long handicap Keith was sure
he had the win light only to find he had broken out.  
Round 3 brought the engine gremlin to
"The Duck",
Jay had to shut down and pass the win to Cliff Sebring.  Bob Legge was unable to
take out the Flagship Thunderbolt.  The engine gremlin had found him fresh off the trailer.



It was a very long trip to 131 Dragway outside Grand Rapids Michigan.  So long that the tractor didn't want
 to go with us. 
We would like to extend a big thank you to BUDDY FEY for helping us find a back up.  That
should have been our warning that something was amiss. 
3 cars, 3 rounds, 3 red lights.  Coming into the
race 1st & 2nd in points and then qualifying well the adrenaline levels were up.  A little too up! 

Jay and Ed got the Comets through the all important first round, however LEO SEKULSKI got the red
eye (that's one).  Jay breezed through the second round in his usual style.  FAST ED YOUMANS
was a little to "FAST" off the clutch and he joined the red eye club (that's two).  We came to the
race thinking the gods were with us, little did we know it was really the red eyed monster.  He
got JAY ZOLKO in the very next round (that's three).

As kids we thought 1-2-3 red light was more!







Race 3  -  Capitol Raceway   Oct. 14th

Jay has been stealing the show all year.  It looked that way again as he qualified #1 followed , not
surprisingly, by
Ed in the #2 spot.  Plagued by problems all season Frank hasn't made very many rounds
but this was going to be his day. 
It was Frank's turn in the lime light (almost). 

Round 1;  Jay gets the bye, Frank takes out Tony Silipena, George Allen over Bill Watkins, Keith Wynn
puts Mac Mackinze on the trailer, Eddie beats Bob Shantz's big Hemi.  Dan Householder, Bill Murphy,
Tom Sandberg and Dennis Stabile also brought on the win lights.

Round 2, time to start trashing Jericos.  Jay grinds up his Jerico and  Frank moves on, Allen George
prevails over Keith Wynn, Tom Sandberg dumps Dennis Stabile, Householder's Hemi does in Murphy's
Wedge, Youmans on the first of 2 bye runs shreds his Jerico and will not make round 3's bye.

In round 3 George Allen narrowly gives Frank the win light and Householder squeaks past Sandberg.

Frank's on a roll coming into the final.  Dan Householder lines his Hemi up against Franks FE.  The
Hemi gets the head start, the FE launches to catch him. 
Frank pulls second and trashes the 3rd
Jerico of the day dashing his hopes for the win. 
A good day for Frank, a win for Householder
and a really bad day for Jerico transmissions.


Race 2 - GEEZERS at THE GROVE     Sept. 8th  

Should have been called "Melee at the Grove"

An event not worthy of a report, just a little editorial comment

The word was out, nostalgia race at The Grove.  Everyone with an
old jalopy or even  newer rust
buckets in the garage
showed up, blew up and oiled up the track.  400+ cars, 25% more than last years
crowded fiasco. 
They need to weed out the junk, maybe qualifying Friday would do that.  Then Saturday
could be a show with real nostalgia racing. Fill in the time between shows with the final rounds of the
bracket cars and Super Stock eliminations.  The more than ample crowd came to see classic nostalgia
racing not bracket racing and oil clean up.  The real racers came to race not sit in the staging lane for
hours to get one time shot.  One round of races and getting sent home added insult to injury. 

The actual show was better than anticipated
  but late due to the mess on the track.  The lack of Super
Stockers in the show was noted by many disgruntled fans. 
The decision to make the entire event
a two day affair will surely be the end of "Geezers".  Keep it a one day event with qualifying for
the brackets and the "blow ups" the night before.  Could be a nice affair if only they could find
some Super Stockers that are willing to show up after this debacle.



Race1 - Cecil County Dragway 7/28/07

The way this season has unfolded thus far it came as little surprise to find the dueling Comets in a heads up
  JAY ZOLKO caught ED YOUMANS taking a siesta at the tree and added yet another win to his record.
   BILL MURPHY Sr. blew four years of dust off his fire suit and threatened to take all challengers.  A
breakout by less than .01 sec. in the quarter finals dashed his hopes.  Murph was not aware that
Torque and Fred had lightened his car before the round by removing Freds Dzus tool.  FRANK PELLEGRINI
was unable to make eliminations as he proved that  a Jerico can be turned into a grenade.