Ford Fever at MIR 10-07 Video


40 Super Stockers show up!  On top of this there were classic Funny Cars, Rails, Altereds, Gassers
and plenty of racing legends.  Those that showed up early got quite an eye full.  Qualifying with the flagman
was interesting.  Many of the drivers remembered exactly what to do.  The under 55 youngsters didn't have
a clue and got left sitting on the line.  Check out the gallery shots!

Beaver Bob brought the racing legends, in attendance, out on the track for introductions.

After the introductions we lined up for eliminations and the rains came.  We retired to the motor home and wished
one of our own legends a happy 70th birthday.  Amid the rain drops we packed up our toys and went home.



Flashback Friday has always been a fantastic night, a trip back in time.  Lots of big '60's names in the lineup, both
drivers and cars.  This year however seemed a bit subdued in comparison to years past.  The numbers of cars, drivers
and fans were all down.  Rumor has it that the rain early in the day kept everyone away.  It turned into a great night
for racing as the weather was just fine, fine enough to open
qualifying with a rainbow over the starting line (check the
Photo Gallery).    The fans need to be more enthusiastic about these events.  The remaining legends of the sport
aren't going to be here forever, you need to see them whenever you can.  There are only a few photos to post as
the field was nearly the same as the Super Stock Reunion.  Some notable additions were the
422 Motorsports '63 Galaxy
Buddy Fey's T-bolt and John Dimino Jr's T-bolt.  Dimino's car made its return after missing most of the season with a new
healthier motor.  The
422 Galaxie was brought out of mothballs and driven by Dawn Perdue.  This crowd pleaser has
been missed by many of our fans.  It seems there were a few moths still left to in the car and mechanical problems
sent it to the trailer prematurely.  We hope to have the bugs gone in time for the ALL STARS race at Mason Dixon.

Race 1&2 of the All Star Series

Sorry, I'm a little late with this.  They say no news is good news, not so here.  A new season with new hardware
and rusty reactions, the 422 team is off to a slow start this year. 
Race 1 at Cecil yielded a blown motor, a broken
Jerico, a shorted ignition system all before the second round.  Fred's Thunderbolt was our shining light but Fred
pushed it a little too hard and broke out.  Time to lick our wounds, pack the trailer and go home.
 Race 2 at
looked as though it was going to be a washout.  The weather looked gloomy but the track was great.
The cars only qualified mid field but nothing broke, we'll take that.  Round 1&2 red lights and breakouts took out
all but Pellegrini with his super quick Falcon.  The next round Frank decided to finish eating his lunch on the
starting line giving the victory to the Ramsey Ford.  Once again it's time to load up and go home early.  No
trashed equipment this time, nothing and no one to blame but ourselves.


All Stars #3 at MIR
It's always a pleasure to race at MIR.  We have always run well on the track and the facilities just keep
getting better.  Each time we roll in we are impressed with their obvious recent improvements.  We are
hoping a weather machine is in the near future.
  Rain it did, at least until noon, just in time to dry the
track and pull off the event.  We went into the race with a handicap. 
Frank Pellegrini packed his ski's
instead of his fire suit.  To top it off he made a wrong turn and wound up in Italy.  News flash for Frank,
you don't get points for skiing no matter how fast you go. 
Jay Zolko pulled out a perfect .000 light to
make him the#1 qualifier.  Ed pulled off a fourth place start.  The
first round was great, everyone won.
Round 2 Fred wanted to cut a better light, he went red.  The Comets seemed back in form and took out
their opponents in style.  This brought us to the semi-finals where
Jay was over amped and brought on
red light and Ed dozed off and gave the race away at the tree.  Not what we hoped for but a major
improvement over the first two races.


All Stars #4 at Englishtown
What a great day it was for racing.  It's always good to see the regulars on the circuit, but there were
also a few friends we hadn't seen in a while.  Once
again Jay pulled off a perfect Light  for  his place at
the top of the ladder and the bye into round 2.  Fred Henderson pulled a win out of his hat as the Jim
MacKenzie broke on the line.  We had to loose Frank or Ed as they were pitted against each other.  E-Z
Ed ran his numbers while Frank got a case of jetlag (that ski trip is still haunting him) at the light.  Round
Jay left very little room for Craig Balmer to ever sneak by and went on to round 3.  Fred left plenty of
room and Cliff Sebring ran through leaving Fred to pack his bags. 
Ed went red sending Tom Sandberg to
the next round. 
Jay was our only hope in the 3rd round.  Jay had the race covered against Stephanie
but he second guessed himself at the line and sent us home for the day.  We really didn't want
to go home early, but...............


All Stars #5 at Beaver Springs
Beaver is always a blast.  Looked as though the day could yield some good racing.  Low pressure and
high humidity aren't  good for record ET's but everyone had the same handicap. 
Zolko came through
with a
threepeat as #1 qualifier again.  Way to go Jay.  We can blame the weather for slow cars but
not slow reactions.  Ed qualified 8th and the rest were nearer the bottom.  We had our dial-in's set
and were prepared for some good round wins when
the skies opened.  The next All Star race is in
August at Mason Dixon. 

All Stars #6 at Mason Dixon
Beautiful weather brought a few cars out of the woodwork for a total of 23 Super Stockers.  It is about
time the field grew.  Bad weather has been keeping the cars away but we hope the field grows as the
season comes to a close.  They need a taste of the competition before we enter the next year.  First
round qualifying
Zolko cut a .007 light, #1 seemed in his grasp again.  The new kid on the block Dawn
Perdue put down a .004 in the second round and stole the #1 spot from Jay and made him #2.  Still
unfamiliar with the car and the gremlins in it from storage, Dawn went out in the first round.  A red light
did in Pellegrini while Fast Fred went too fast and broke out. 
Jay and E-Z Ed kicked butt into the semis
We were hoping for a dueling comet final but Ed fell victim to Sebring's Savoy.  Unfortunately in a battle
between the rival station wagons, Sebring squeaked past Jay in the final also. 

Watch the C
omets as they bring on the win lights in the quarter finals.

All Stars #7 at U.S. 13
Beautiful weather once again blessed the event.  Grey skies put a damper on the early season but the
season is wrapping up with a string of great race days. 
The Murphy's brought out the Jersey Duke after
finally getting the
freshly rebuilt wedge motor back in the car.  Ignition and carb demons kept the car
running it's old numbers.  The Murphy's have spent most of the season doing left turns and spinning
circles in the dirt.  Billy managed to suppress his urge to turn left long enough to get through the day.
Besides the engine woes of the Murphy's, Frank Pellegrini and Fast Fred sent their transmissions to the
recycle bin. 
Jay Zolko, our top points contender, lost in the second round to Chet Cook in one of the
tightest races of the season.  Jay was still, however, done for the day as he had added some tranny
parts to the recycle bin also. 
Dawn Perdue pulled off some crowd pleasing wheels up starts in the '63
Galaxie but starter woes soon sidelined the car.  Ed Youmans was spared any mechanical breakdowns.
EZ Ed however wasn't so lucky in eliminations an early loss put everyone on the trailer early.

Time to get on our game for the finals at Maple Grove.  Hope to see you there!