Test and Tune November '09

The T- Bolt still has a few kinks to work out.  Even with good old leaf spring suspension traction isn't
one of them.  Either that or "The Wiz" has a secret anti-gravity component under the hood. 
Turning up the wick in an effort to cut some time off the earlier 9.42 "realigned" the steering. 
This may dash our hopes of hitting some low low 9's during the 2009 season.

 Races 1 thru 4 of 2009

 The big news for the year .... 422 Motorsports is running all the cars in the stable.  This of course has brought
out a small army of 3 rookies for 2009.  Keeping Bill Murphy's
Jersey Duke alive is the Bob Fort Jr.  Bob stepped
up after after more than a few years in the seat th
erefore I'll refer to him as the "veteran rookie".  Frank
Pellegrini has spent the past couple of seasons trying to figure out how to drive 2 cars at the same time.  This
Dave Harvey has pitched in to help by driving Frank's '63 Galaxie.  Car owner/cinematographer Jim Amos
has completed the restoration of the
Fermier Bros. 406 Galaxie.  Jim lives in the land of sun and fun so driving
duties for his car are being handled by
Anthony PappasBob, Dave and Anthony are off to a good start and
should be fighting in the points before you know it.

The reports on the first 4 races are condensed because there isn't any big news to report yet this year except
our rookies.  Between minor drive chain changes, a lack of test runs, untimely equipment failures and winter time
driver "rust" the whole team got off to a rough start.  Our standout drivers
Ed Youmans and Jay Zolko are still
holding in the top 10!  Currently they are in a  tie for 8th.

 The rumor mill

"The big news for the year .... 422 Motorsports is running all the cars in the stable."

That is what it said in the previous blog.  There are some small indications that the 422 Motorsports flagship
Thunderbolt may come out of moth balls once again.  Although still an unconfirmed rumor the paparazzi
came up with this on July 1st at Cecil County.

2009 Super Stock Reunion at Beaver springs

That is How a Super Stock meet should look.  58 cars, we need to see more outings like this.  The stands were
full, the weather was great and some of Detroit's finest artillery put on a great show.  Clutch woes knocked
Frank Pellegrini and his Dearborn Thunder out after the first qualifier.  A valiant attempt by the 422 crew and
friends failed to replace the unit before the first round.  Everyone appears to have gotten back in the groove.
The 4th round
Bob Fort Jr. in the Jersey Duke and Jay Zolko in the Comet wagon were still holding on.  In the
5th round
Bob found himself on the loosing end of a double breakout.  Jay Zolko seems to have the kinks and
bugs worked out of
"The Duck" and proceeded to let everyone know.  When the tire smoke cleared there stood
Jay with the 2009 Super Stock Reunion trophy

In other news, the rumor was true, the
Thunderbolt made the show and its first rounds of competition in over
2 years. 
Ed Youmans piloted the T-bolt to the second round and lost a squeeker to Leo Sekulski's Galaxie.

#####    FLASH     #####
August 1,2009 Our newest team member has arrived!!!!!

Ed Youmans and his wife Patty announce the arrival of:
Emma Hope Youmans, born 8.01.09 at 12:33am, 8lbs 11oz.

Mom and baby are doing well.


 Races 5 thru 7

After Jay Zolko's win at the reunion his mechanical woes returned.  An "aha" moment during qualifying
at Delmar for race #7 a problem was located and he was back in the groove. 
Jay went to the finals and
in the excitement broke out but #2 feels great after problems kept him from going more than 2 rounds
in the previous 6 races.  This moved
Jay to 4th just 1 point behind Steve Vargo.  Ed Youmans seems
to finally have the trans working in the Comet going several rounds in race 6 & 7 moved him to
5th Ed
had a visit from the motor demon at Delmar sending a rod thru the block.  Don't despair,
Ed will have a
ride  for the finals at Maple grove keeping him in contention. 
Frank Pellegrini  has been inching his way
up the list and is just 4 points out of the
top 10.  After 2 years of transmission and ignition issues Frank
can't wait to get into that elite group. 
Fred Henderson is just 15 points out of the top 10.  Tough
competitors have forced
Fred to push the envelope resulting in several breakouts and red lights.  It
won't be easy but he still has a shot at 10th. 
Dave Harvey, Anthony Pappas and Bob Fort Jr. are in
20th, 22nd and 24th respectfully.  Having missed 1 or 2 races each and in their rookie year they are
still in the
top half of the points list.  Way to go!


 Ford Fever at  MIR

The weather was bad.  Rain, rain and more rain.  It cleared long enough Saturday to unload the truck.
It was no surprise that when the track told us to stand by and suit up, the sky opened.  We covered
the cars put the equipment in the truck and went to dinner.  Sunday was worth the wait.  Clear skies,
cool crisp air and a decent crowd for a rain soaked weekend.  This being an exhibition there are no
elimination results to report but...... 
 Frank Pellegrini went out  and clocked a new NSS record of 8.35.
Just to be sure he went back out and backed it up and topped it with an
8.32 @ 159.67 Ed Youmans
had hoped to cut a little off the T-bolt's best but was having some difficulties with the carbs.  He
seemed to work out the problems by the end of the night.  He was unable to trim the time but he did
manage to pull the wheelie of a lifetime.  We were beginning to wonder if it would ever come down. 
That is saying something for a 3300 lb, original Thunderbolt without tubs.