The Crew

Rich LaMont
"The Wiz"
Founder, Car Owner,  Engine Builder, Driver & Contact Person, Head Official of the 422 Allstars
Frank Pellegrini
Car Owner & Driver
Jim Amos
Team Cinematographer
Dink Bishop
Ron Ladley
Body restoration consultant
Allstars staging assistant
Frank Coughey

Electronics Specialist
Web Updates / Photos
Allstars photos & web
Steve Giordano




George Alan Case
Publicist and Statistician








               IN MEMORIAM  


Dick Gehris  


Ciro Mangione  1946-2015
Car Owner & Driver


Dave Powers  1943-2018
"Dangerous Dave"
Car Owner


Bob Dean   1941-1915
"Big Bob"
 Transport Driver
Anthomy Pappas  1987-2016
Driver & Vehicle Maintenance
Bob Fort Jr.  1949-2017
Car Owner, Driver,
video editor, Allstars publicist



 Photo Gallery