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Worlds Fastest Original Thunderbolt

The most historically significant car in the 422 stable is the Norristown Ford "Thunderbolt." Originally campaigned by
 Rich LaMont, Larry Bloomer and Dick Gehris, the "Bolt" is the 73rd T-bolt built by Ford in 1964. The car was restored
in the 1990's and has been run in Nostalgia Super Stock since then. The awesome car of the 60's, still un-tubbed, with an
original cast iron block continues  to please crowds everywhere it runs.  Minor 2006  engine upgrades  pushed "the Bolt"
9.34 @ 147  assuring it's status as the Worlds Fastest Original Thunderbolt.  A cast iron FE tested in '09 season tore
itself up along with the trans.  Seems there is a limit to how much you can get out of an old original CI block.  The 2011
season was run with a pump gas aluminum block FE for the sake of longevity.   The bolt runs 9.80's these days  with a 
pump gas "street" motor!   The flagship T-Bolt is currently only brought out for special events.



Dyno Don's 64 Comet

This team car is a Nicholson authorized clone of Dyno Don's 1964 Comet. As many of you know, "Dyno" was a
great friend of the 422 Motorsports team. After being raced for many years by "Fast" Fred Henderson, the Comet
was totally rebuilt in early 2005. The car in now owned by "Dangerous" Dave Powers, and driven by
Ed Youmans .
Powered by one of Rich LaMont's Shelby aluminum "FE" motors using Hilborn injection  this car has found its
way to an
8.78 @ 153 and the team looks for more big numbers to be posted in the future. 



Worlds Fastest Nostalgia Super Stocker

After running on a limited basis with the fabled 427 SOHC "cammer", the "Dearborn Thunder" '65 Falcon has been
fitted with a new Rich LaMont built Shelby aluminum 427 engine. Backed by a G-Force 5-speed and shifted by the
 capable hands of
Frank Pellegrini, the car ran a best of 8.263 @ 161.77 mph with his tired 2011 engine.  This earns
the title of "
Worlds Fastest Nostalgia Super Stocker."  A new engine planned for 2013 may hold more untapped
potential and we fully expect more record breaking performances in the future.


New for 2014, the 422 Motorsports '67 Fairlane, AKA "Wolfie".  A project conceived to by Rich Lamont as a mid
10 second, consistent, easy driver.  Upon completion of the body and chassis Rich dropped in a motor made of parts
sitting around the shop.  In typical 422 "never do anything half way" style the maiden pass went
9.32 @ 141.54.
A 10 second engine was built for the 2015/16 season.  This car was tweaked for consistency rather than speed!
Driven by
Ed Youmans for  the 2014/15 season and driven by Austin Powers in 2016.


Project Mercury 2015.    A 1962 Mercury Monterey powered with a mild mannered Rich Lamont 406. 
It's maiden voyage clocked an
10.50 @129 and left with the wheels up.  Quite impressive for a 2 ton beast.
With all that weight and a trunk deck resembling an aircraft carrier  Dink has named it "Big Monty".
Driving chores were being handled by Bill "Murph" Murphy IV in2016.  Bill formerly owned and drove
the Jersey Duke.  Murph had dusted of his helmet and returned after a very long hiatus.


These cars will surely see plenty more action at the track but not out of the 422 stable.


Jack Werst's Jersey Duke Plymouth Belvedere

The lone Mopar out of the 422 Motorsports stable is a 1964 Plymouth Belvedere. The car is a clone of Jack Werst's
Jersey Duke" and is owned and driven by the late  Bob Fort Jr.  Also utilizing a Rich LaMont power plant, the "Duke" ran a
best of
9.18  @  143 .  The car runs consistent, wheels up 140 mph passes.


This is the original Fermier Brothers '62 406 car.  Originally rebuilt by the late "FE Bob" Fermier and Jim Amos with
assistance from the 422 Motorsports shop.  The car  has run
9.95 @ 131.  While in the 422 stable this car was piloted
thru 2013 by Steve Giordano of Hudson Performance.  The late Anthony Pappas was at the helm thru the 2015 season.


Frank Pellegrini's '63 Lightweight Galaxie

Originally located in Texas as a fairly solid example of a 63 1/2 Galaxie, this car was constructed from the ground
up by team fabricator "Dink" Bishop. The Galaxie's trademark launch with wheels in the air Was well known in the
Nostalgia Superstock ranks. This car was raced at numerous tracks east of the Mississippi and is a crowd pleaser
wherever it races. This car was campaigned by 422 team driver Frank Pellegrini for many years. Once Frank
started to drive the "Dearborn Thunder" Falcon, the Galaxie was used primarily as a back-up car
until being sold.  Best ever ET for the Galaxie is
9.57 at 137 mph.


Dyno Don's '64 Comet Station Wagon.....NSCA Champion

An interesting addition to the 422 Motorsports stable was another officially authorized clone, this one
being of
Dyno Don Nicholson's 1964 Comet wagon. This car was also referred to as the Ugly Duckling
Originally driven by Jay Zolko
the car  ran 8.61 at 155 MPH. 


  Fred Henderson's '64 Thunderbolt "Shazam"

A clone of the '64 Thunderbolt SHAZAM.   In typical 422 style there were no half passes to test a car, on its maiden
voyage, he recorded a 10.19 @ 132.   It recorded a
best of 9.36 @ 143  .  For those to young to remember "Shazam"
came from the Superhero
Captain Thunder.  Now owned by Lance Keen it still appears with the 422 Allstars.


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